Knoledge for Freedom Saberes para a Liberdade
Iberian-Slavonic Perspectives
Perspetivas Iberoeslavas

May 8-10, 2025 8-10 de maio de 2025

14th International Conference in the Series: Iberian and Slavonic Cultures in Contact and Comparison
14.ª Conferência Internacional da Série Culturas Ibéricas e Eslavas em Contacto e Comparação

The 14th Ibero-Slavic International Conference invites scholars to a broad debate on the construction of freedom within Iberian and Slavic cultures. This event aims to explore the intercultural specificity of the Knowledge that enables and is called upon for Freedom in these cultural universes from a comparative perspective.


To compare Iberian and Slavic cultural approaches to the theme of Freedom.

To question Knowledge for/about Freedom across various fields: linguistic, literary, sociocultural, psychological, political, historical, philosophical, legal, and artistic.

To analyze the influence of “freedom” discourses in both cultural geographies.

To study the theme of Freedom in relation to contemporary economic, social, and ecological challenges.

To highlight contributions of significant figures and organizations to the Freedom of Iberian and/or Slavic peoples, and analyze moments of solidarity and antagonism.

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