Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (LabIA)


Digitally contribute, using Artificial Intelligence, to cultural preservation, historical understanding, literary studies, and interdisciplinary collaboration within the CEG.


The LabIA aims to create a digital ecosystem supported by Artificial Intelligence for the study of Humanity and Intelligent Sciences within the innovative and developmental context of the Center for Global Studies (CEG).


  1. Support for Research Lines:
    • Support the various research lines of the Center for Global Studies as a transversal and innovative element for the development of Humanities and Intelligent Sciences.
  2. Transformation Potential:
    • Identify the role and transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in how we understand and address human and scientific issues.
  3. Academic and Educational Sharing:
    • Provide the academic and educational community with knowledge sharing on Artificial Intelligence across different fields of study, particularly for researchers, professors, master’s students, doctoral candidates, and university students.
  4. Use of AI Technologies:
    • Study algorithms and leverage known Artificial Intelligence technologies to assist in the generation of ideas, produce unexpected, original, useful, and satisfactory combinations and responses aimed at the study of Humanity.
  5. Privacy, Ethics, and Transparency:
    • Address and advocate for issues of privacy, ethics, and transparency to ensure the responsible application of Artificial Intelligence for societal benefit.