COS – Colonialisms and Colonialities

Coordinator: Natália Guerellus

The COS Network (Colonialisms and Colonialities) was established through funding for the Bourgeon 2022 projects (€10k – Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3). This funding enabled the publication of the book “Colonialisms and Colonialities: Theories and Circulations in Portuguese and French”, a bilingual, interactive digital book. The network comprises fourteen researchers from twelve universities in Brazil, Portugal, and France, and collaborated with Theya Editores (Portugal) and the Centre for Global Studies at Universidade Aberta (Portugal), to which it is affiliated.


Colóquio Internacional “Colonialismos e Colonialidades: Teorias e Circulações em Português e em Francês”
Lisboa, September 4th, 2022


Guerellus, N. (2023). Colonialismes et Colonialités : théories et circulations en portugais et en français / Colonialismos e Colonialidades: teorias e circulações em português e em francês. Édition bilingue. Lisbonne-Lyon: Theya Editores-Marge-MSH Lyon Saint-Étienne. 222 p.